Who are Ashford Colour Press Ltd?

For over 30 years, Ashford has been providing print and publishing solutions to their global clients helping them to manage costs, optimise stock levels whilst at the same time reducing print inventories and warehouse space. Ashford is strong on thinking ahead, with the aim to be first to the most innovative solutions and most relevant technology.

What was the challenge for Ashford Colour Press Ltd?

The business already had two existing colour ink jet web presses. Yet with around a third of their digital print volume being monochrome, they recognised the need for a monochrome print solution that would allow them to print this work more cost effectively. With this change in market conditions, they decided to invest in digital printing technologies enabling them to successfully meet their clients’ needs for print-on-demand, whether they are producing novels, textbooks, training manuals or periodicals.

How did Domino help?

Looking at the needs of Ashford Colour Press, it was clear the printer that was required. Domino’s K630i was the answer providing exceptional return on investment with its small footprint delivering more print per square metre than any other press in its class. Digital printing is now around 60% of their turnover, aiming next year for a figure that will increase to approximately 70% or more.

The K630i is ideal for high volume users in the transactional and direct mail market, delivering the highest quality at the lowest cost per page. For the on-demand book and manuals sector, the near photo quality at high speed offers exceptional return on investment.

The more I looked at the Domino K630i, the more impressed I got. It was strong in every area – quality of output, running speed, ease of operation, even down to its compact small footprint. These benefits made the selection of the Domino K630i an easy decision. I am looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Domino.
-Allan Gray, Production Director, Ashford Colour Press

What was the outcome?

Ashford Colour Press have noticed that with the K630i they are now running 6 days a week with the aim to be printing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 120 metres a minute. Paper wastage is reduced as the changeovers are very easy when changing from 50GSM to 120GSM.. The prints are of the highest quality with ease of use. With the 4 days training with our staff by the end of the final day we were running in full production.


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